Wilderness Journey


Psalm 78:40-42 


40. How often they provoked Him in the wilderness,  

       And grieved Him in the desert! 

41.Yes, again and again they tempted God. 

      And limited the Holy One of Israel. 

42. They did not remember His power: 

       The day when He redeemed them from the enemy 


It is easy for us to say “How could the Israelites have forgotten all God had done for them?”  Let us not, however, be too quick to judge them.   Yes, they had seen many miracles beginning with the plagues in Egypt and all through the wilderness journey. They never had need of food, water or clothing while in the wilderness. 


Yet, I know firsthand how easy it is to forget.  It was not that long ago that I was working in the corporate world, but my heart was to follow where He wanted me, I wanted my dreams to be the ones He gave me.  The dream He had given me was a desire to serve others. That service would be in the food pantry. Foolishly, I thought once I had the time to be in ministry I would never look back or falter in my faith.  How could I?  The only way I could be able to open the food pantry would be if He made the way.  I have bills to pay, how could I not have my current income?    


He gave me the vision and He made it possible to open the food pantry and therefore He will keep me from making the same mistakes the Israelites made, right?  I mean, can't I learn from their mistakes? Surely, I won’t forget His goodness and mercies. 


I was so wrong.  The food pantry opened in April of 2015.  Just a short year later I read Psalm 78:40 -42 and was so moved I wrote the following prayer: 

Lord, help me set my heart right with you.  Help me to Remember all you have done for me.  Keep my heart in you so that I may not tempt you, Lord.  Keep my thoughts on you and all your goodness that I may not provoke you or grieve you.  Help me, Oh Lord, to remember your power so that I don’t limit you. Lord, I want all you have for me.  I want to be a soldier in your army.  Strong in faith, versed in your word.  Able and ready to fight the good fight.  Feeding your people with food for their body and for their souls.  Help me, Lord, to study your word that my faith remain strong, rooted in you and your mercy and goodness. 


I would love to say that I have not faltered.  That I have indeed remained strong and continued to study His word.  Unfortunately, I have not.  At the current time my prayer life is not as it should be and my study habits are hit and miss. 


One thing I know for sure is He is faithful.  Even if I am not.  He is still there waiting on me to come back to the table and feast on His word.  How wonderful it is to have a God that loves us as His children.  As my Pastor Bobby Trayal says “we serve a God of many chances”.  I long for the day I don’t need another chance.  A day when I no longer forget to give God the praise and worship He deserves.  To be a faithful follower.  Until that day, I will continue to get myself back up dust off the dirt of selfishness, laziness or any other trash I picked up and ask God to forgive me and start serving Him again.

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